Evil villain robot Mega-Corn the Destroyer has come to planet Earth to eat all of the world's popcorn, so Earth has called upon The Popcorn Squad, a group of adventurous Scouts with super powers, to stop Mega-Corn before Earth is eradicated of popcorn!

How It Works:

  • Offered as part of your council's popcorn prize program
  • Unit leaders order their patches when they order their other prizes
  • Online and Traditional sales count towards the Sellers Club and Top Seller patches
  • Funded by Trail's End to help stop Mega-Corn

Marketing Materials:
Mega-Corn Piece Patch Flyer
Mega-Corn Piece Patch Flyer (form-fillable)
Complete Patch Image
Participation Patch Image
One of Each Patch Image
Online Patch Image
Sellers Club Patch Image
Military Patch Image
Top Seller Patch Image

Mega-Corn the Destroyer