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Help with Creating an Account

I am a leader and have a Scout who wants to sell online. Can I use the same email address for my Scout's account and my leader account to view my unit's online sales?

Yes. You can have multiple accounts in the Trail's End systems using the same email address. You will always log in with a username.

I am trying to create an account to view online sales for my unit. Do I need a separate account?

You can log into both the Trail's End Popcorn System and the Trail's End Online System with the same login credentials. You do not need to have separate accounts.

I do not see my unit in the drop down menu when creating my account?

If your unit is not listed, please contact your council.

What is the difference between Online Sales and the Popcorn System?

The Online Sales system t is used only for viewing your Scouts' online sales, inviting Scouts to register and sell, and marketing your unit with a bio, video and pictures.

The Popcorn System is used to enter your unit's product and Scout rewards orders, and to get face-to-face sale data. 

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Online Selling Information

How does online selling work?

Each Scout needs to self-register to sell online. Here are a few steps on how your Scouts can get started:

  1. Go to and click on Register in the upper right-hand corner.
  2. Create a new account with your unit information. If you are under the age of 13, you will need parental approval to activate your account.
  3. Once your account is created, you share your fundraising page with friends and family members via email, social media and text messages. They can click on your Scout-specific link (within the message you send from your Scout account) and make a purchase on your behalf. Trail's End will directly deliver the product to your customers.
  4. Track your online sales once you are logged into your Scout account on
  5. All online sales from August 1 through your council's sale end date count toward your Scout Rewards.

Where can I find my council's fall sale end date?

Contact your unit leader or Council

Where is my Scout ID?

The new site does not require a Scout ID.

How do I view my Scouts' online sales?

You can view all of your Scouts who have registered to sell online and their online sales within your account on Please note: This account is separate from your Popcorn System account.

How long does it take for orders to show up on my unit's online sales history page?

Online orders will usually appear within 24 hours.

Online orders placed between August 1 and your fall sale end date count toward Fall Sale Rewards. You can download a report showing all sales between this time period when ordering rewards.

70% of every online sale is returned to local Scouting. What does that mean?

70% of all online sales go to the Scout and council supported with an order. Your council sets your commission percentage for online sales.

How does our unit receive the online commission each Scout has earned from selling online?

Trail's End makes payments to Councils at the end of every quarter for online sales. Councils are then responsible for paying their units the amount earned for online sales. Please check with your council to find out when and how they make those payments.

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Face-to-Face Sales Information

My Scouts need more order forms. Where can I get more?

Please contact your council to obtain more order forms.

Where do I place my unit's face-to-face product order(s)?

These orders should be placed in the Popcorn System. Do NOT use for your face-to-face product order(s).

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Product Information

Where can I find nutrition information for each product?

Nutrition information for each product is available on the Product Catalog page. Scouts' customers can also find nutritional information for each product offered on

Are Trail's End products Kosher?

All Trail's End products are Kosher. Please check the nutrional facts for each product to determine the certifying Kosher organization.

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