Scouts who sell at least $2,500 (online, face-to-face, or combination) in any calendar year will have 6% of their Qualified Product Sales count towards their own Trail's End Scholarship*. Once enrolled, 6% of their sales each year will go towards the scholarship*. Reporting of sales is not automatic, and forms must be submitted to Trail's End each year following the guidelines below. Scouts only have to hit the $2,500 minimum one time, and don't forget online sales count!

Every year, the Top 5 Scouts in each region will receive an additional 6% of their Qualified Product Sales credited towards their scholarship, up to the $1,000 annual maximum.*

Proceeds from the Trail's End Scholarship are taxable. If a Scout earns more than $600**, Trail's End will send a 1099 to the Scout for the year in which the payout was made. Consult with your tax preparer to learn how this may affect you. Even with a tax liability, the net proceeds from the program provide a positive benefit to participating Scouts.

*Calendar year is January 1 to December 31.
**Or as IRS regulations may specify.

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  • Scouts who sell $2,500 or more in a calendar year must submit a completed scholarship enrollment form and proof of sales to or the mailing address below.
  • Once enrolled, they must report their total sales each year to Trail's End using the same form and method above.
  • Trail's End does not accept faxes,  zipped files, or emails over 10MB.
  • Statement notifications will be emailed to each Scout annually, but can also be viewed anytime online. Click here to log in.

Trail's End Popcorn

Attn: Scholarships

4485 S. Perry Worth Rd.

Whitestown, IN 46075


  • To submit for Payout, a Scout must meet all of the eligibility requirements listed in the terms and conditions.
  • Eligible Scouts must submit a completed scholarship payout form and all required documentation listed on this form to or the mailing address above.
  • Trail's End does not accept faxes,  zipped files, or emails over 10MB.
  • Payouts are processed four times per year: March 15, June 15, September 15, December 15. The payout submission deadline is midnight the day before the processing date.
  • Trail's End sends Scouts' funds directly to their educational institutions to offset tuition, books, housing and/or other fees.
  • Please allow 3-4 weeks after the processing date for the school to receive the funds.


Last updated July 13, 2017.